Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Quiet Time

When I moved here I came with the decision that my pace of life would slow down, that though I still have a lot of things to do, I would pace myself, taking things slowly and steadily, more in tune with village life. We did live right near the centre of town in a very crowded and busy neighbourhood, people rushing around constantly, including us.  I always tried to take a little quiet time for myself, but sometimes it got difficult as there always seemed to be so little time. I have the feeling now that time has slowed down a little and so this morning I did something that would have been unthinkable in my old house that had 3 showers and just one bath, I had a bath in the morning, and I laid in the bath for a while, soaking up the scents of essential oils and allowing my mind and body to become still. In the old house we only ever seemed to have time for a shower, the new slowed down me has time for a bath in the morning. I could have done this in the old house, the decision to do it here was purely symbolic as it is the start of my new life. Its important wherever we are to take that time out, to sit quietly, have that bath, go for that walk, take time to eat a meal, meditate, otherwise we lose ourselves in the constant rushing around. Just ten minutes a day sitting quietly, focusing on your breath, or even just allowing yourself to daydream, does wonders for you both physically, emotionally and spiritually. During that time just allow any anxiety or worry to float away, allow any thoughts of the past or future to float away, just allow yourself for that brief time to be completely in the now. If you're not doing it already, just try it and from the very first day you will notice a difference. Have a good day. :-)

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