Monday, 4 January 2016

New Beginnings

As I sit here in my new bedroom, away from the busy, noisy crowded neighbourhood I’ve moved from I feel such gratitude for the new peace I have now found. Outside my bedroom/office is a beautiful tree through which at this time of year I see the majestic sunrise. Frost sits on the fields that also fill my vision from this window. Birds come and go in the tree and I know that all is good in my world. I have plans and I have focus. I feel inspired. This beautiful house is our home for the next 13 months and during that time I will be planning for our future, a future that takes us away from living in the area (though I will come back to teach), that changes my work,  that takes away the need for overwork (something I have been doing for a very long time). The future is bright.

I haven’t been feeling like this since we moved at the beginning of December. It was a difficult move with many family problems surrounding it. It left me exhausted. After the initial excitement of being in our new house, I found many old emotions and feelings surfacing, demanding to be dealt with before I could get on with my new life.  I won’t lie, its been really hard, but just as I had to sort through and get rid of four and half years of accumulated rubbish before we could move, so I have also had to sort through and get rid of old emotions and beliefs before I could move forward properly in my new home. And I have, I feel now that its time to move forward, time to be creative and allow the energy of the universe to flow through me, to bring me what I need to reach the new life waiting for us at the end of the next 13 months.  All through Christmas all I felt was dread and sadness, this has been replaced with excitement and anticipation, with inspiration and creativity. I am moving forward, each breath, thought and action taking me closer to my dream.

This blog will be a record of this process. Of the physical and emotional process. It will help both myself and others see that we can have whatever we want, we just have to deal with the blocks that hold us back. We need to know that anything is possible, that no dream can be too big. I hope my blog will help others achieve their dream.  It will also be a record of my creativity, of the things I make that allow me to express who I really am. Please join me on this journey and remember always to dream big! 

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