Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Onward and Upward!

I've never been much of a diary keeper or journaler and I have the same problem with keeping a regular blog. Much like everyone else I have been buffeted by the waves of energy coming at us throughout this year and its been as much as I could do to keep my feet on the ground with the rollercoaster emotions assaulting me at every turn. I am also going through deep change, again much like everyone else. I am seeing people's lives changing, I'm seeing relationships ending, new relationships beginning, new dreams coming into being and old ones being put aside. My dream of going to Cornwall at the end of my tenancy here has also had an about face and I now have the dream of living in Scotland. I went there for a few days earlier on in the year and felt a deep sense of belonging and knew that was where I wanted to be. I have a few things to deal with here, including family and making sure I can earn a living no matter where and I live and then at the end of my tenancy I will be leaving for Scotland. Its ok to change your dream, Cornwall wasn't right for me, Scotland is. Onward and upward!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Quiet Time

When I moved here I came with the decision that my pace of life would slow down, that though I still have a lot of things to do, I would pace myself, taking things slowly and steadily, more in tune with village life. We did live right near the centre of town in a very crowded and busy neighbourhood, people rushing around constantly, including us.  I always tried to take a little quiet time for myself, but sometimes it got difficult as there always seemed to be so little time. I have the feeling now that time has slowed down a little and so this morning I did something that would have been unthinkable in my old house that had 3 showers and just one bath, I had a bath in the morning, and I laid in the bath for a while, soaking up the scents of essential oils and allowing my mind and body to become still. In the old house we only ever seemed to have time for a shower, the new slowed down me has time for a bath in the morning. I could have done this in the old house, the decision to do it here was purely symbolic as it is the start of my new life. Its important wherever we are to take that time out, to sit quietly, have that bath, go for that walk, take time to eat a meal, meditate, otherwise we lose ourselves in the constant rushing around. Just ten minutes a day sitting quietly, focusing on your breath, or even just allowing yourself to daydream, does wonders for you both physically, emotionally and spiritually. During that time just allow any anxiety or worry to float away, allow any thoughts of the past or future to float away, just allow yourself for that brief time to be completely in the now. If you're not doing it already, just try it and from the very first day you will notice a difference. Have a good day. :-)

Monday, 4 January 2016

Listening to the Universe

I have known for a very long time, even before I really knew what it meant, that I wanted to help people grow spiritually, that I wanted to help them become who they were always meant to be. After a traumatic time a few years ago, where my husband, partner and friend of 25 years left me for someone else, I found my way back to the path of spiritual growth. It was the big wake up call I needed to get back on track, and though I had done work on it over the years this really gave me the push required. I have been consistently working in the field of spiritual growth with teaching, healing and reading for some time now, but started to lose my way a little last year. Though I was still doing those things, my time was being increasingly taken up doing fairs to sell my jewellery and crystals. Though I believe these are also helping people it became really one sided with all my energy being taken up getting ready for and doing fortnightly fairs, so that during the last few months I had little energy left for teaching and running workshops.  I could see the universe showing me the way, but it was hard to make that change.  Stuck in a bit of a rut I carried on doing the fairs and gradually let go of most other things, doing only the occasional course. The fairs got harder, though I always enjoyed spending time with the other lovely traders and meeting the people that came to my stall, I began to feel really tired. Still ignoring what the universe was trying to tell me I carried on doing the fairs and they began to become less and less financially worth it. Of course that is not always the reason you do these events, sometimes networking is enough, but there was less and less of this too and so I hauled myself out of the rut and stopped doing the fortnightly fairs. This was only three weeks ago and already I have three courses booked. I trusted that the universe had another plan for me and so I let it guide me, I jumped and went with the flow. I feel so excited to be teaching more. It is what I am meant to be doing. I'm not letting go of the crystal and jewellery side of things, as I love reuniting people and their crystals and I love creating beautiful jewellery for people to wear, but it will no longer be such a huge part of my life. I will be doing some festivals and fairs, but not so many. Do look out for me though as I always love to meet people. By ignoring the messages from the universe for a few months life got really tiring and a bit of struggle, in the flow now things are coming to me and I'm back on my path. Sometimes it can be difficult to see what the universe is telling you, and sometimes it can be hard to let go and follow the messages, but when we do everything becomes easier, things drop into our lap, life is no longer a struggle, as we are no longer fighting that energy. It happens to the best of us, I have been listening to the universe for a long time now, and I help others do that too, but we all get lost at times. I have become more and more experienced at seeing what I need to do (even if it sometimes takes me a while!), but there is nothing wrong with asking for help. As I get back on my correct path I look forward to helping many others get there too. :-)

New Beginnings

As I sit here in my new bedroom, away from the busy, noisy crowded neighbourhood I’ve moved from I feel such gratitude for the new peace I have now found. Outside my bedroom/office is a beautiful tree through which at this time of year I see the majestic sunrise. Frost sits on the fields that also fill my vision from this window. Birds come and go in the tree and I know that all is good in my world. I have plans and I have focus. I feel inspired. This beautiful house is our home for the next 13 months and during that time I will be planning for our future, a future that takes us away from living in the area (though I will come back to teach), that changes my work,  that takes away the need for overwork (something I have been doing for a very long time). The future is bright.

I haven’t been feeling like this since we moved at the beginning of December. It was a difficult move with many family problems surrounding it. It left me exhausted. After the initial excitement of being in our new house, I found many old emotions and feelings surfacing, demanding to be dealt with before I could get on with my new life.  I won’t lie, its been really hard, but just as I had to sort through and get rid of four and half years of accumulated rubbish before we could move, so I have also had to sort through and get rid of old emotions and beliefs before I could move forward properly in my new home. And I have, I feel now that its time to move forward, time to be creative and allow the energy of the universe to flow through me, to bring me what I need to reach the new life waiting for us at the end of the next 13 months.  All through Christmas all I felt was dread and sadness, this has been replaced with excitement and anticipation, with inspiration and creativity. I am moving forward, each breath, thought and action taking me closer to my dream.

This blog will be a record of this process. Of the physical and emotional process. It will help both myself and others see that we can have whatever we want, we just have to deal with the blocks that hold us back. We need to know that anything is possible, that no dream can be too big. I hope my blog will help others achieve their dream.  It will also be a record of my creativity, of the things I make that allow me to express who I really am. Please join me on this journey and remember always to dream big!